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Our Curriculum


Childhood Education & Learning in Los Lunas, NM


Auntie Nikki’s Daycare has developed a curriculum that fuels our children’s curiosity and love for learning. Our lessons are designed to be fun, interactive and educational. Regardless of age, our staff will give your child the attention they need to grow and prosper.

Our professional teaching staff understands that children learn best through hands-on, meaningful experiences that allow them to explore, create and manipulate the world around them. Our curriculum will provide a wide variety of activities within a routine where cooperative play is encouraged.


We have a variety of math activities that help children get acquainted with numbers, counting, patterns and more. Our lessons put their thinking skills to work and help them develop a firm foundation in math.


Our kid-friendly science experiments allow them to learn new things through smells, sounds and tastes. We encourage them to use their senses to explore and discover the natural world around them.


At our daycare, we introduce our kids to foods that not only taste good, but that are good for their health as well. We help them understand the importance of milk, fruits and vegetables and other food groups for living healthy.

Large Muscle and Fine Motor Activities

Our children engage in a number of fine motor activities that foster the development of large muscle control in their arms, legs and entire body. Activities include arts and crafts, coloring and more.

Music and Dramatic Play

Music and movement greatly enriches children’s lives. We teach them to sing, dance, create and simply enjoy the incredible power of music. We have dramatic play lessons that help children develop their imagination and creativity. It gives them an opportunity to express themselves and makes them more aware of their emotions.

Language Arts

Language arts lessons are geared towards improving vocabulary, grammar, capitalization and punctuation. We incorporate all sorts of games to make learning language fun.

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